How can you join us?

It is very easy. To become a member of Bydgoszcz IT Cluster, send e-mail to the address

You can also send us a letter by post to the address of our seat: Bydgoski Klaster Informatyczny ul. Kopernika 1, 85-074 Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Please provide your contact details in the body of the message.

Who may join us?

A member of Bydgoszcz IT Cluster may be a natural person, legal person (entity) or a person who operates in the field of information technology.

Also persons active in domains related to IT are gladly welcome to our cluster.

Other organizations of entrepreneurs.

If such an organization submits a recommendation of two supporting members, it may join the Bydgoszcz IT Cluster as well.

Cooperation and development are our goals. Send an e-mail now and support the initiative of local Partners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!