about us

Bydgoszcz IT Cluster was established on the 26th of November 2013 on the initiative of Enterprise Investor Service Team (Zespół Obsługi Inwestora Przedsiębiorczości), the Municipal Council of the City of Bydgoszcz and Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency. After one year of thriving activity, it was decided to establish the Bydgoszcz IT Cluster Association. On the 11th of February 2015, the Bydgoszcz Information Technology Cluster was entered into the National Court Register (KRS). From the very beginning, the Cluster has been operating under the auspices of the Municipal Council of the City of Bydgoszcz.

From the beginning, the idea behind the Cluster has been the creation and development of an organization whose members work together in order to implement joint business activities. Broadly understood IT area allows us to jointly create optimal working conditions, to develop education, to introduce innovations and to effectively promote our member-companies and region.

Mission and Goals:

The vision of the cluster assumes dynamic development based on joint action. We are strong partners to each other and we form modern companies thanks to cooperation with the scientific and research sector. Our common mission involves all activities using the experience gained, in order to build an even stronger brand of companies represented by members of the Association. We support local development, mutual support and we build long-lasting business relationships. To create a long-term relationship of cooperation, we would like to know each other very well.

Bydgoszcz IT Cluster has set the following objectives:

Development of co-operation between companies, universities, scientific and research units and public administrations.

Supporting development of enterprise, supporting business initiatives and raising IT knowledge of the society, providing personnel consultancy as well as combating unemployment.

Mutual assistance in solving legal, organizational, economic, tax-related problems and problems with doing business in the IT area.

Representing and protection of the economic interests of the Association members.

Contributing to the development of the Association members, also by means of the research and development, as well as creating new products and services.

Efforts to develop cooperation networks and partnership of universities, research institutes, businesses and other entities interested in information technology innovations.

Promoting implementation of new technologies, with a particular emphasis on the transfer of scientific and research achievements to the economy.

Measures aimed at economic development of the Bydgoszcz IT Cluster.

Developing and strengthening good reputation of the Association, building prestige of IT society, promotion of the companies represented by members of the Association and propagation of the achievements of the Association.

Activities to the benefit of the general public, in particular improvement of IT knowledge and preventing digital divide, building a knowledge-based society and combating unemployment.

Lobbying activities in order to promote Kujawsko-pomorskie province as an attractive place for foreign investors.

Interaction with the authorities of governmental and local administration in order to create favorable conditions for business activities.

Organization of conferences, training sessions and seminars.

Building a common brand of companies represented by the Association members.


Organization of joint marketing actions.

Creating alternative forms of IT education and supporting development of the existing initiatives promoting “information society”, education by various forms of IT popularization.

We pursue our objectives by:

Promotion and support of non-governmental initiatives.
Acquisition and exchange of information necessary for members of the Association.
Cooperation with public institutions as well as government and local administration bodies.
Publishing information materials such as: newsletters, books, brochures, leaflets etc.
Research and development aimed at developing a knowledge-based economy, and support, also financial, of such activities carried out by third parties, as well.
Cooperation with public authorities in the implementation of projects of significant importance for the region and for members of the Association.
Drawing up and submitting opinions, expertise and inquiries on matters related to IT environment to public authorities, institutions and other entities.
Organizing economic missions for members of the Association.
Publishing permanent and specialist scientific, information and advertising materials.
Sharing of knowledge and experience among members of the association.
Arranging and conducting meetings, training courses, conferences, exhibitions, lectures and special events.
Consultations, personal and business counseling in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.
Cooperation with universities and research institutes.
Cooperation with other international and national organizations to ensure unrestricted and rapid flow of information on non-governmental organizations and initiatives supporting them, including participation in achievement of agreements, consultancy teams, lobbying and the development of formal documents on cooperation.
Representing members of the Association as regards matters related to the defense of their interests.
Participation in social consultations and delegating the members to advisory bodies attached to the authorities, institutions, etc.
Evaluations, making recommendations and supporting business ventures projects developed by members of the Association.
Running an information system designed for establishing business contacts.
The Association promotion activities.

Bydgoszcz IT Cluster invites entities interested in cooperation with the Cluster to contact it. We kindly invite you for cooperation and joint work for the benefit of local initiatives. The benefits will appear soon!


Krzysztof Jurek


Izabela Rojek

vice president

Kamil Kupcewicz

vice president


The statute of Bydgoszcz IT Cluster (BKI) was created in order to clearly and explicitly specify rules of cooperation. It defines in particular the rules related to:

- BKI objectives and tasks,

- membership in the Cluster,

- definition of the Cluster structure,

- convening meetings of the Association,

- making decisions by the Members,

- rights and obligations of the Cluster Members.

Each Member, to pursue a common welfare, is obliged to comply with the provisions set out in the Statute.