T Komp

T Komp operates in Bydgoszcz since the mid-1990s. The company was initially focused on developing software aiding companies operating in accordance with provisions of ISO standards. Our program has been implemented in several hundred enterprises (medium-sized and large companies), and its versatility makes its solutions appropriate for many industries.

In recent years T Komp has significantly increased portfolio of its products and services and now the program is used wherever information workflow support is important. T Komp customers include quality departments, sales departments, HR, accounting, SCM, legal departments, production and other. Flexible approach to customers and large potential of products is a great option for companies that plan to computerize processes while avoiding significant costs associated with the implementation and development of ERP class systems.

T Komp is a group of persons have a passion for IT and who are engaged in their work. Each new implementation is an opportunity for the development of products and the company. We are aware that high quality of our services results in trust of our customers and development of services we provide.

We currently participate in some research-and-development projects. This is an opportunity for us to develop new products that shall increase competitiveness of our offer on the global IT market. We have also prepared an offer for small and middle-sized enterprises (SME) sector, which are increasingly looking for high-end solutions, but do not have comparable budgets for implementation. Our products are also offered in the form of SaaS services.




Smukalska 33, 85-565 Bydgoszcz


+48 52 360 44 48