Physcomp Przedsiębiorstwo Naukowo-Techniczne (Physcomp - Scientific and Technical Company) was established on the 1st of February 1999. Initially, the main area of the company business activity was development and maintenance of database systems dedicated to customers of the heath care sector. The company offers IT solutions designed for registration of medical services as well as reporting and settlements with the National Health Fund. As the business has been growing, the focus was moved towards distributed database systems with web-based interface. They include document workflow systems and business decision-making support systems. We provide solutions based on technologies offered by Microsoft products such as Windows Server and SQL Server. Our software is developed using C# and VB.NET languages, and web solutions are based on ASP.NET technology in the MVC model.

A separate area of the company business activity is the design and construction of non-standard (customized) equipment from such engineering fields like mechatronics (i.e. process automation) as well as control and measurement instrumentation using IT systems. We have developed several prototype solutions of laboratory equipment and diagnostic tools. In our activities we combine knowledge of experimental physics and IT technology providing customers with innovative solutions using state-of-the art science and technology achievements.

The company actively participates in the projects financed by the European Union funds and has the potential to be a partner in the implementation of research and development projects under the Horizon 2020 program.





Ogrody 7/132, 85-870 Bydgoszcz


+ 48 52 371 29 50