Agnat Sp. z o.o.

It is already ten years, during which our company has changed so dynamically as the Internet itself. Thanks to the passion of our employees and investments in the state-of-the art technologies, we have become one of the leading companies on the Polish Internet market over that time. Our customers currently include several dynamically developing, technologically advanced Internet brands. In 2010, the Polish Academy of Sciences listed as within 500 most innovative companies in Poland.

We have specialized in online services that are addressed in particular to companies and private individuals. We maintain domains, provide high-end web hosting, we design web portals and we offer positioning service of web pages in Polish and foreign search engines. Our philosophy is best described by the mission of

We employ 48 people in such departments as Customer Service, Sales, IT and Marketing Office. The company focuses on employees, who combine work with passion and avocation to Internet technologies, therefore the average age of our staff is 27 years. Despite such relatively young age, a huge capital of our company is high level of know-how in the field of modern technologies.

High reputation and large number of customers, who cooperate with us is the perfect proof that provides services of the highest quality. The companies that have trusted us include such corporations as Getin Bank, Cinema City, Herbapol and Leroy Merlin. In total, the daughter companies belonging to assist over 50 000 clients and handle over 100 000 domains.

Apart from our business activities, we also focus on bringing help to the needy. We support local children's homes and other organizations, such as the Society of Friends of disabled children in Bydgoszcz. Our support activities include also sponsoring of indoor football tournaments such as Heiro Cup and annual international competition Junior Internet under the the auspices of the Minister of Education.




Gdanska 119, 85-001 Bydgoszcz


+48 52 366 77 77