Unidoc Sp. z.o.o.

Unidoc provides software that offers efficient and effective management of company goodwill in real time.

Unidoc helps enterprises grow by generating more revenue while reducing operating costs.

Unidoc provides comprehensive services as regards affairs and events related to customers, products, employees, and other key aspects from the point of view of a given company.

Unidoc also offers optimization of the current activities of employees.

This contributes to generation of more revenue while reducing operating costs.

Unidoc customers include companies from such sectors like new technologies and media, power industry, trade and services.

Unidoc software is a unified electronic platform for all employees, allowing to integrate all key resources and operational activities in the areas of:

Back-office (management of internal affairs, resources and others),

Front-office (management of customer acquisition and relationship),

Incident Management (management of incidents, receivables, complaints, failure notification),







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