Slican Sp. z o.o.

We offer solutions for large corporations and for small family businesses, ensuring that each user of Slican system receives the highest quality products. We provide solutions streamlining communication in business environment and public institutions.

Slican systems operate under a unified IT telecommunications platform, which gives virtually unlimited functional and utility possibilities. Slican solutions support all kinds of public voice communication networks: PSTN, VoIP and GSM. They also offer such applications as: call recording, billing applications, applications for administrators enabling configuration, networking, on-line monitoring etc., that can be flexibly individually adjusted to the requirements of individual users.

Slican communication solutions are capable to cooperate with multiple external integrated applications, e.g. for hotels or CRM.

To meet end-users' expectations, Slican offers solutions that not only optimize communication costs and their settlement, monitoring and management, but, thanks to advanced applications, also improve functioning of companies.

By offering more and more sophisticated solutions, Slican has become the leading company in the Polish market, but we also export our products to foreign markets, mainly to Central and South America.

Slican products have received many distinctions and have been awarded many times.




ul. M. Konopnickiej 18, 85-124 Bydgoszcz


+48 52 325 11 13

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