Platinum Seed Incubator

Platinum Seed Incubator is an early-stage VC fund which bridges innovators and investors, focusing on innovation and the digital economy.

Platinum Seed aims to help innovators turn their ideas into successful businesses and also works with angel investors from Poland and other European countries, seed funds and venture capitalists. The company specialises in commercialisation, internationalisation and the transfer of technology for bright ideas that allow for the development of solutions to tomorrow’s standards.

Platinum Seed co-finances and is actively engaged with their investment portfolio and also supports the companies in its portfolio throughout their operations, until such time as they exit the project.

The main focus of Platinum Seed is projects in the areas of ICT (Information, Communication, Technology), content provision and management, e-commerce, applications, ICT projects for the healthcare industry, with special emphasis on senior care applications.


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Broniewskiego 4/42 87-100 Toruń


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