Partner24 Sp. z o.o.

Apart from ad hoc troubleshooting as part of a professional IT service, our company provides services related to the development of data communication infrastructure. We strive to make our IT solutions follow the direction of the customer company development. Therefore we have expanded the range of our capabilities to include support in scope of IT and programming services. We are aware that not all customers' needs can be met by using software that is commercially available on the market, so our team develops unconventional solutions at customer request. Our experience enables us to develop either simple programs and complex multi-tier applications and services. Our IT solutions are adapted to the needs and hardware capabilities of our customers, so we have experience in creating applications for Windows / Linux platform as well as in mobile solutions and embedded platforms. The latter are related to solutions which combine the disciplines of information technology and industrial automation. In case of such projects we select appropriate equipment, provide it with software and then integrate it with a company's IT infrastructure.

We are aware of the importance of information that is stored in the present-day IT systems. That's why we strictly observe the confidentiality rules. Our employees are certified for access to confidential and state secret information. The certificates are issued by the Internal Security Agency (ABW), according to ISO 27001 standard.

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