LOGON SA was established in 1992 and provides solutions related to IT infrastructure, software and services. The company operates in compliance with the quality standard ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2005

It offers the following solutions based on extensive experience and expertise:

- Design and building of the IT infrastructure, supply of hardware and software, together with full technical support and service.

- Design and implementation of Data Center systems, servers, data storage arrays, network equipment, backup power supply, raised floors, air conditioning, automatic fire extinguishing systems for server rooms.

- Server infrastructure, virtualization and links necessary to build a private cloud distributed systems.

- The licensed software of world's leading vendors and specialized software made to order.

- Conducting projects related to raising financial resources from EU funds, preparation of concepts, preparation of the application, project settlement.

- Design and construction of low voltage systems, access control systems, working time control systems, structured cabling, fiber optic networks, WAN, MAN, wireless networks, monitoring of facilities, audiovisual systems.

- Design and execution of energy-saving lighting using LED technology, lighting of production halls, office space lighting, lighting of outdoor areas and streets. Electrical systems.

- IT systems for health care sector, image storage, nurse call systems, software for description of medical examination results, medical phantoms.

- Outsourcing of hardware and IT services, delivery of a complete IT infrastructure including necessary services at a monthly fee basis.

- Technical support of companies in terms of access to training, advanced technical know-how, and take-over of services related to the maintenance of: server rooms, network infrastructure, business continuity hardware and IT systems.


LOGON SA capital group includes the following companies:

  • Logonet sp. z o.o. (web based applications, Internet services, training)
  • Logorent sp. z o.o. (outsourcing, leasing)
  • Led Lighting Poland sp. z o.o. (LED lighting equipment manufacturer)


Sample projects:

- Construction of MAN network including broadband network for the town of Solec Kujawski

- Construction of MAN network for the town of Lubraniec

- Construction of a distributed private cloud for the National Archives in Toruń and Bydgoszcz for archiving purposes, including the application for data sharing on the web site.

- 4 year project of equipment and service outsourcing for a business customer

- Design and execution of a computer network, telephone network and nurse call systems for the Hospital in Piła




Piotrowskiego 7A, 85-098 Bydgoszcz


+48 52 326 00 00